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  • julia hobsbawm

    julia hobsbawm

    Social Health in a Complex Age and the Future of Work. Award-winning author of The Simplicity Principle and author of Fully Connected.

  • Matthew Montagu-Pollock

    Matthew Montagu-Pollock

  • Roland Karthaus

    Roland Karthaus

  • Jake Heitland

    Jake Heitland

    passionate urbanist believing everyone has the right to join and thrive in our global cities

  • Possible Space Forum

    Possible Space Forum

    To unlock shared spaces and create a more open and inclusive city we are using this platform as a citizen’s assembly to ask what urban inclusion means to you?

  • Chris Langdon

    Chris Langdon

  • dan burgess

    dan burgess

    Change Strategist//Co-Designer//Creative Catalyst/Activist//Dad dreaming a new dream, @g00dfornothing, @wearewildlabs

  • Nicola Gordon

    Nicola Gordon

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